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It’s kind of sad that 90% of Paragraph RPing with a prompt is hitting Ctrl+V and enter, then clicking on the New Conversation button and repeating the process.

Yes this^

Welp, lets check out Trollmegle again!

Going prompt-less… for the moment.

Still in the mood for paragraph style as always, but dialogue can be very entertaining too.

Cotton Candy (I’m Jane)
▼: heyyy
▲: Lalonde!
▼: hey janeyyy
▲: It’s good to hear from you! :B hoo hoo
▼: same 4 u
▼: :3
▲: What are you up to today Roxy? Not getting into the vodka too much I hope…
▼: oh u bet i am

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That prompt got a cool response from a sollux!

We didn’t get to go on very long because they had to go, but they met up and talked about feelings and perhaps mysterious things were going to happen? I think it will be continued and if it is I’ll post a log!

Gonna go around prompt-less for a bit, and try some non paragraph style.

heading back out into trollmegle with new prompt

It was dark… dark and peaceful. The night was a time Aradia had always been able to appreciate. It was so striking and it’s beauty so unique… The muted colors, the slight chill… What others saw as flaws, she could only process as feature more endearing than any other. Of course though, her favorite part had to be the stars, and few could argue that they weren’t a sight to see… She gazed up at them and began to find constellations… There was Aries, her personal favorite… Taurus, like her friend Tavros… Sagittarius? she only knew one and she didn’t like him very well… Ah, Gemini… she knew Gemini to be Sollux’s sign… She was so caught up in reading the stars and so sure that she must have been alone that her heart practically skipped a beat when she heard a leaf crunch behind her. “W-who’s there!?”

Well anyway

most of the day I ended up being super busy

only one person saw my pargraph prompt, and then turned it down

immediately after that, i ran into somebody using a paragraph prompt so I went with it! I was Nepeta checking in on Equius who was paying his way through school by running his own *cough* business *cough* called the “Lonely Centaur”… 

Nepeta, having had all her dreams come true with Karkat had somewhat let Equius fall by the wayside, and she felt awful, but in the end they made up and so now we shall see where it goes from here I guess? It was a pretty nice story where we left off anyway, but wouldn’t you know it I lost the pesterlog : \ 

Hope to continue though, as I said

Okay guys

so since I’ve been back, I’ve really only maintained a couple of ongoing roleplays. today I am to get back into the fray of trollmegle!!

Hope to see some of you there! 

I’m going to be starting with a paragraph prompt:

Dave Strider was often regarded as a cool kid of some sort. He most certainly wasn’t classed with the unpopular kids who were subjected to teasing. If he came up in conversation, the general consensus would be that he was one cool dude. But the thing is… he was still somehow an outcast. Perhaps he was just too cool and it intimidated people… Or more likely his overly aloof demeanor made reaching out to him seem like a poor idea? Perhaps most likely it was that, despite agreeing that he was cool, most of the class also couldn’t help but find him strange. He had no acquaintances, no chums, no pals… all he had were three, exceedingly close best friends… one of whom was his sister, but that counts anyway. ((Any character to respond with is a-okay with me, paragraph style if you would))


but probly gonna have to take some time to get back to being active






; -;


I am just not even gonna touch that update.

Just what are you playing at Hussie?

((okay i am far too much of an analysis lover, *spoilers* okay so i guess somehow it is the romance rather than the real physicality of love that gets trolls all hot and bothered? or at least it is for uu. but it does make sense, i mean, in a culture where sex isn’t even a thing that people do, it would be the romance that was really important and special))